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Old Scar, New Scar

What is scar massage?

Why do scar massage? Scar massage is a commonly utilized method of gently moving the skin in various directions at the scar site to help prevent the skin from adhering to the soft tissue. In addition, scar massage is a way to embrace the traumatized area and possibly welcome a new body part to our being such as a prosthetic knee or hip. Scarred areas may sometimes go unnoticed for a long time, creating restrictions within our bodies. Because of how the tissue in our bodies is connected, scar massage in one area can relieve tension in another area or throughout the body. The undesirable effects of a non-massaged scar may not be realized until it is massaged. Sometimes we become so accustomed to feeling a certain way that we are not aware that there is a different way to feel.

I have personally experienced scar massage and continue to do so today. I do it for myself and would be happy to teach you. We can read all about it but it is not until we experience the hands-on therapy of scar massage that we can actually feel these desirable effects. It can truly change the way we feel day to day or moment to moment.

Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.