I have been working with Isaac for about 3 years, and I recommend him without reservation! He is excellent for a “I’ve had a rough week” relaxing massage, but his true strength is helping you overcome a sports/activity related muscle strain. Isaac has an amazing ability to go past where you are feeling pain and to get to the source of the problem – he is a miracle worker!


In the year that I have worked with Isaac, I have been able to reduce lower back pain and improve my flexibility dramatically. The results have carried over to an improved golf game; which is something money can’t buy!


I first met Isaac one week before running my third half-marathon. At the time I was having extreme hip pain, was limping, and wasn’t even sure if I would be able to finish the race. After one session with him, the pain disappeared, and I was able to set a new personal record in the race! I have continued to work with Isaac, getting great massages and learning new stretches. I am now training for my first full marathon, and throughout my training he has kept me mobile, flexible, and feeling great! I have learned so much from him, and can definitely say that I would not be able to perform athletically without his help!


Since I started receiving muscle therapy from Isaac, my shoulder rotation has improved dramatically. This is important for me because I play volleyball. This small change in muscle retraining has dramatically improved my volleyball skill and made me a better athlete.


After several FRUSTRATING years of trying to find someone in Richmond to comprehensively address my achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, shin splint, and foot issues, I had given up.I tried everything from massage to acupuncture to prescriptions from my orthopaedist. Not only were my issues never completely resolved, they all had to be treated separately and by different practitioners/specialists.

Not only has Muscle Therapy Clinic been able to address my problems COMPREHENSIVELY and without drugs, but my dancing/athletic performance have dramatically improved. As a result of Isaac Benjamin’s customized plan of muscle therapies, stretching, and posture fitness tailored specifically to me and my body, I am now able to actually set improvement goals and imagine myself at the next level. As a result, I am learning to be much more pro-active and personally responsible for my conditioning and well-being.

If you want a professional who LISTENS and takes a sincere and active interest in YOU and how your body works, Muscle Therapy Clinic is for you! I wholeheartedly, 100%, without a doubt, recommend Isaac Benjamin and Muscle Therapy Clinic for athletes, dancers, or anyone suffering from muscular pain who craves immediate relief and positive results.

I first went to Muscle Therapy Clinic about five years ago after a knee arthroscopy. I had such severe pain from the tourniquet that I could barely walk into the office. I had to have my husband drive me and assist me into the building. I walked out of there without a limp and with no pain. It took several more sessions, but each time, the relief was more long lasting. Now, he is helping me recover from a total knee replacement. Isaac is always very kind, compassionate and professional. I am a health care provider myself but each session with Isaac, I learn something about body mechanics, gait, posture, or just a new way of looking at things. I feel thankful and blessed that he is around to help me on this journey.