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Posture: It’s a Muscle Thing

What do you do to make yourself feel good? Eat a dozen Krispy Kremes in front of the TV? Have a few martinis after work? Smoke? Pop a cocktail of mood enhancers? Retail therapy? Gamble? Skydive?

For most of us, making ourselves feel good usually involves money we don’t have, calories we can’t afford, or side effects we choose to ignore.

There is one thing we can do to make ourselves feel wonderful (better than good), and it is cheap, fat-free, and causes no unexplained rashes, fevers, or gastrointestinal issues – POSTURE!

Proper posture increases your personal and professional productivity, enhances your image and self-confidence, and is essential for your mental and physical well being. Poor posture contributes to inefficient mental and physical function, including fatigue, headache, raised blood pressure, compromised lung function, curvature of the spine, nerve constriction and irritation, depression, and anxiety disorders.

We tend to assume that the brain and body connection is a one way street, with the brain fully in charge of the body. However, the body and its movements can also heavily influence the brain. A recent study at San Francisco State University found that slouched or despondent body posture can lead to decreased energy and feelings of depression. The study also found that depressive feelings can be reversed by walking in a more upright position. Proper posture actually increases lung capacity, thereby increasing oxygen to the brain, enhancing concentration, clear thought process, and feelings of well being.

THE PROBLEM? Making a conscious effort to correct your posture after years of bad habits takes a lot of mental capacity. And, as a result, your corrections will not last long.

THE SOLUTION? We must retrain our muscles so we don;t have to constantly THINK about them. The best way to do this? MTC’s POSTURE FITNESS. And no, I’m not talking about doing jumping jacks with a book on your head.

MTC’s Posture Fitness regimen retrains your postural muscles, the muscles that help you stabilize and maintain proper posture while sitting or standing. There are in fact many ways to improve your postural fitness on a daily basis. These simple exercises can be done standing at the check-out line at the grocery store, at the sink doing dishes, even sitting at a meeting.

For immediate results, try our posture fitness seat! This seat is unique in that it does not act merely as a passive support or cushion for your back (which you see so many of in large retail stores), it ACTIVELY retrains your back muscles for better posture.

Below is a short video explaining the seat.

I would be happy to show you more in person how this seat can benefit you.

Correct and Improve your Seated Posture